By Geoff Johns, David Finch & Richard Friend

Forever Evil is nearing its conclusion. As Lex Luthor prepares for his counter-offensive against the Crime Synidcate, the Syndicate realizes the true threat has finally arrived…

What makes this issue stand out is one person, Thaal Sinestro. No ones writes the character better currently than Geoff Johns. Just one panel showing his clenched fist with the ring of fear on the first page sent chills down my spine. He finally comes to the forefront of this event and makes the first big strike against the Crime Syndicate, showing off his prowess. Another fascinating aspect well exemplified in this book, is how Geoff is able to convey his grasp of characters’ ethos with only a few words or sentences. Johns organically does this in the conversations Luthor has with Deathstroke and Sinestro. Due to this, what could have just been a boring issue full of plot progression, becomes an engrossing examination of some the main villains in the DC Universe.

This mini-series continues to be wonderfully handled by David Finch and Richard Friend. A book that is predominately about villains, should be depicted as dark and dramatic. The use of shadows and iconic postures for the characters absolutely suits that tone. One of the most notable panels is from Catwoman’s point of view, where Batman is being faced down by Luthor’s team of rogues. Such visual treats!

The title may be winding down to the final two issues, but the content isn’t! Pick this up!


About The Author Erik Gonzalez

I was exposed to comics early on, one of my earliest vivid memories was picking up the entire run of Dark Horse’s Aliens vs. Predator(1990). Odd and perhaps morbid choice for a kid, I know...At the same time, I was immersed in the pop culture of the time which included, but not limited to: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and of course, Batman: The Animated Series. Upon reflection, it’s fairly evident why I’m such a zealous geek. My day job is in television operations, so basically I’m exposed to media at every turn, which is where I want to be! Writing comic book reviews is another outlet to convey my respect and fanaticism for the this graphic medium. I hope what I have to say will resonate with others and also spark heart-felt discussion. Simon Pegg said it best, “Being a geek is extremely liberating.”

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