By Bryan J. L. Glass & Victor Santos

The previous issue of Furious really gave readers a glimpse of the depth that this story can convey. While this latest installment didn’t necessarily do too much to push the overall plot forward, it was an entertaining and well-written read that provided a ton of suspense.

Bryan Glass opens Furious #3 with another flashback and these are among some of the best moments throughout the series. There is a lot of emotion and pain wrapped up in the protagonist’s past and it really enhances the appreciation and respect for the character every time we see more of this. Most of issue #3 simply deals with an isolated incident where Cadence finds herself trapped by a lunatic misogynist. This part of the story took up most of the book and the overall plot development seemed to fall a bit to the side. However, this entire sequence was very engaging and provided some particularly poignant narration from the protagonist which was very well executed. Cadence is caught up in her terror and her battle against this fear really pulls you into the story, and this whole scene was very suspenseful.

The visuals in issue #3 were much deeper than we’ve seen in the previous two installments. It feels like Victor Santos has really worked out the particular style he chose to employ for this series. There is a lot more depth to the illustrations in general, while the stylized character designs also appear fuller, with greater detail and more emotive expressions. The color work in Furious #3 also feels more detailed and dynamic. The action scenes in particular really flow quite well with the great panel layouts and full, vibrant images. Overall this issue just had a more interesting appearance that felt much more engaging and energetic.

While we didn’t get quite as much in the way of more straight forward plot development as we’ve seen in the first two issues, the latest installment of Furious was a very enjoyable read. At first, the major conflict may appear a bit random, but everything comes together as the book progresses. The suspense in this issue was very effective. While the well-written thrills were enough to enjoy this book, the artwork keeps getting better with each new installment. The visuals in Furious #3 give a sense of growing comfort with this particular style which definitely made for an even greater reading experience. Given the crazy ending this month, there are sure to be some wild shenanigans in the future for this series!


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