Ghostbusters #18


By Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening & Luis Antonio Delgado

The majority of the team is facing off against the Scourge of Carpathia, Vigo, an old favorite. Back at the firehouse, Egon and Kylie try to contain the repossessed Dana Barrett and Louis Tully. Tiamat continues to toy with the Ghostbusters, but it looks like that won’t last much longer…

Unfortunately, this issue felt dull. The past couple books have been full of great moments, so perhaps Erik Burnham made this a breather issue. Even if this is the case, there wasn’t much plot progression or any major character developments, it just came off as a stopgap between the last issue and the next. The one thing that captured my attention was an odd occurrence during the interlude sequence. The cliffhanger at the end of the issue was also easy to anticipate.

Dan Schoening continues his work that has become a staple of this comic. His depiction of Vigo is pretty spot on and seeing what he is doing with Gozer’s various forms is very interesting. He seems to have some creative freedom with that character, which is a plus for the artist and audience. Sadly, Schoening’s work wasn’t able to save this book; it was solid work, but nothing really elevated the material.

Despite this being an off issue, this creative team has earned enough trust that readers should stick with this series. There are plenty of Easter eggs in the background of panels, so keep an eye out for those! The cover for next month’s comic seems to indicate that the story will be kicking things back into high gear. Count me in!