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Ghosted #8


By Joshua Williamson, David Gianfelice and Miroslav Mrva

This month in Ghosted we are treated to Jackson having been captured and how he plans to deal with it. Help is on the way though, as Skinner and Trick attempt to free Mr. Winters from his captors. Anderson could help if she really wanted, but would rather see Jackson get tortured. So who does a guy have to kill to get some down time?

Joshua Williamson has done a really good job on making characters cool and relatable. Skinner is quickly becoming a kick ass supporting player and Williamson shows us once again that Skinner is a man who has great determination. We do get to see a little bit more of Jackson’s past as the Maestro finds a pretty clever way to distract Anderson from helping out. One of the things that have made this series such a good read is that Williamson’s writing flows together nicely. There aren’t any scenes that feel forced and everything is planned out very well. Another successful issue by Josh that will keep readers waiting anxiously until next month.

David Gianfelice is pretty solid this issue, but there are a few spotty panels. His work on the Maestro is very well done and Gianfelice creates a genuinely creepy look and feel to him. His panels of the possessed women writing the necronomicon are brief, but creepy enough. Gianfelice is capable of good art, but there are certain panels where things are not very detailed and that hurts the read a little. Overall though, Gianfelice does a fine job and is a compliment to Williamson’s wonderful story.

Ghosted is one of those rare series like The Walking Dead or Saga that can captivate its reader’s month in and month out. Joshua Williamson has crafted a good story with an interesting premise that has the potential to be a long lasting hit like several other Image books. If he can continue to keep up the quality and have good art to support his writing, Ghosted will continue to thrive and thrill.


  • monsterduc1000

    Bit of a low score considering it’s a pretty glowing review.

    • 3-Stars is, by our definition, “Liked It”. 4 stars is loved it. Maybe there was just something missing for Jeremy.

      • monsterduc1000

        Then there should be some more critiques in the review other than just a small one against the art as to justify a loss of two stars. Otherwise it looks like a somewhat contradictory score compared to what reads like a praise filled review.

        • this is a series that has an extremely high bar set and every issue is good. In my opinion, the art set the issue back enough to warrant a 3, because I felt that it was good but not quite great.