by Jacob Semahn, Jorge Corona, Steve Wands & Gabriel Cassata

After having an intense first issue, Goners follows it up this month by picking up exactly where it left off. The now orphaned Zoe and Josiah are the last of the Latimer family, who are the world’s only defense from monsters. After seeing their parents murdered on live television, the Latimer kids are now being hunted by an assortment of horrible creatures.

Goners doesn’t hold anything back with its way of storytelling. Jacob Semahn knows how to keep the story rolling without making the reader feel lost. You never feel like you linger on any scenario or conversation too long. Semahn gets to the point delivering a rich comic that keeps readers turning the pages. There are also some deeper aspects to Goners that Semahn hints at in this issue, but so far Goners has started off as one intense action scene.

Artistically, Goners is one interesting amalgam of a comic. Jorge Corona has a very playful style that can seem off-putting in a dark comic. However, he’s also amazing at depicting action scenes and drawing some pretty sweet monsters. Steve Wands inks looked crisp and clean as did his lettering which was well placed and easy to follow. Even after all of that, they still go and ice this comic book cake with a bombastic color palette from Gabriel Cassata. These three guys show what amazing things you can do with teamwork because Goners looks marvelous.

Goners feels both fresh and familiar. It’s one of those stories that embodies all of the great things we love to read in comics. Right now is an incredible time for independent and creator-owned series. It’s hard to follow all of the amazing new series that have been coming out. Most readers only have a certain amount of expendable time and money, but Goners is a series more people should dive into.


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