by Jacob Semahn, Jorge Corona, Gabriel Cassata & Steve Wands

Goners has been a very fast-paced and hectic story so far. The first two issues just threw readers into this universe of monsters and the Latimer family who hunts them. Having a no-holds barred intro was a uniquely fun way to debut Goners. This week’s release of the third issue of Goners pulls back the reins and gives readers a little more insight into Goners overall plot.

The way writer Jacob Semahn chooses to unfold the story in Goners is a unique approach. Luckily it pays off because the intense pacing puts readers into the chaos the characters are experiencing. This issue Semahn still keeps that high-octane vibe, but throws in a decent amount of plot development and even some back-story that really expands Goners. Semahn makes Goners seem like such a rich universe in both history and characters that keeps readers wondering what could happen next.

It’s no secret that certain art styles can make or break certain series. It doesn’t matter how great your script is, if the art doesn’t mesh, the story can also suffer. Many different artists tackle different genres with their different styles. Some catch on, some don’t. At first, Jorge Corona’s work seems off-putting for such a dark story like Goners. However, you suddenly realize that his undesirable technique is a huge aspect to what makes Goners work so well. Corona captures that feeling of panic, but also makes it easy to follow. Goners also stands out with an energetic color palette by Gabriel Cassata, who makes such a dark story so eye-catching. Cassata’s colors are the bridge that link Semahn’s grim tale with Corona’s lively art.

There are a lot of familiar elements used in Goners, but this creative team finds a way to combine them into a totally fresh idea. That might be the one thing about Goners that could dissuade some readers, it might look formulaic on the surface. Once you take the plunge and dive into Goners, you realize there is something special going on in the pages of this series. This was a great issue of Goners that really tied things together and solidified me as a reader.



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