By Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janin & Jeremy Cox

Writers Tim Seeley (Witchblade) and Tom King, team up with artist Mikel Janin (Justice League Dark) and colorist Jeremy Cox to bring the aftermath of Forever Evil that looks to turn Dick Grayson’s life upside down, taking him in completely new directions. Grayson #1 definitely has a change of pace and scenery for Dick, especially when Nightwing was going out on such a high note. While it was a change, it was a welcoming change indeed, which created a very good issue that effectively displayed Dick’s next stage in life.

Dick Grayson is one of the few characters in popular comics that has been altered as many times as he has. It speaks to the true quality of his character that he can be bent according to the stories at hand, but never broken. It is certainly a testament to how well developed he is. From sidekick, to solo hero, to Batman himself, and back to Nightwing, Dick has been everything a superhero can be, which all culminates into the overall weight of the character, which will carry over into his new series.

Mikel Janin starts the series off with his brilliant art style that may be recognizable to fans of Justice League Dark as his art was one of the defining aspects of that series and looks to do the same with Grayson. His character models and designs are realistic, especially in the faces as the facial expressions are represented perfectly. Janin’s art is only enhanced by the terrific colors of Jeremy Cox. If ever there is a page that doesn’t require much detail or line work from Janin, you can count on Cox to accentuate the dull space and light it up with bright colors and tremendous shading.

Dick Grayson enters the next chapter of his life, and seems to be better than ever as his new adventures with the organization known as Spyral are sure to create many new mysteries that could affect not only Dick, but the rest of the DC Universe as well. It is interesting to see what will come of this shady organization, and how Grayson will fit into the mysteries to come. Seeley and company have done well to create the newest identity for Dick Grayson that is sure to catch on, just as all of his other incarnations have before.


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