By Robert Venditti, Martin Coccolo, Tony Avina and Alex Sinclair

At first glance, this issue is just standard superhero fare. A few convoluted plot points and good guys punching villains, nothing more. It’s when you start peeling away the onion that you realize there is so much more. As stated in previous issues, Venditti’s Green Lantern somehow manages to keep getting better. For the love of Mogo, please read this series!

At the beginning of the issue, Hal had to conduct a funeral for the many dead GLs, including the presumed dead Kyle Rayner. Needless to say, he needed a way to blow off some steam. Venditti has masterfully torn Hal apart, giving the character a chance to pick himself up and return to the action a better hero.

While there are tense situations aplenty, this is actually a chance for Hal to take a step back. Hal and his newly-appointed advisors take a trip to Oasis Bay, which serves as a trading station. They end up in a bit of a skirmish with the Khund, who are one of the millions of races that currently hate any and all Green Lanterns. There’s a really cool scene where Hal actually shares a beer (or space ale?) with the enemy. It’s a nice way for Hal to go back to his usual element of being a carefree hotshot. Their entire time on the station helps Hal grow and see the error of his ways. By going back to basics, Hal is able to play politics and evaluate the current war from other angles.

Martin Coccolo is on art duties for issue 30 and impresses on all counts. Right off the bat, he displays the beauty and splendor of Mogo. Credit also needs to go to Tony Avina and Alex Sinclair (colorists). The colors in this issue are some of the best work done in a while. They labored on a striking watercolor style that complements Coccolo’s pencils.

If you’re reading this, then that means you’re already failing. You need to run to your comic shop (or Comixology) and buy Green Lantern. Venditti is both the architect and the demolisher of the GL universe. Something that needs to be seen by all.


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