By Robert Venditti, Francis Portela, Scott McDaniel & Brad Anderson

The Green Lantern books have been busy with their latest mega event at the moment and have been for the last couple of months, and whilst it’s great to see the New Gods being introduced to the New 52 part of this reviewer would have rather seen the titles stand on their own individually without endless crossover after crossover that we’ve been receiving. However, despite that, Godhead isn’t actually a bad event. It’s turning out to be pretty decent, and as we enter Act 3, one of the strongest Godhead-related titles has actually been the main Green Lantern book, with Robert Venditti leading the way on creating a fantastic issue that really works.

With John Stewart and Sinestro trapped Inside Tube GZ18 and unable to use their rings, Hal Jordan is in desperate need of an ally. So naturally he turns to the Black Hand, wielder of the Black Lantern ring, and the stakes are once again raised as we enter the final month of Godhead. Whilst we spend time with John and Sinestro and the imprisoned Lanterns (including Kilowog), the plot thread with Hal surrounded by a bunch of Black Hand-resurrected zombies is handled very well. Venditti makes the exchanges between the two characters fun, and I particularly enjoyed the comment made by Black Hand that Earth is in danger again, which happens rather early on.

Green Lantern is rapidly turning out to be one of the best titles in the line along with Red Lanterns and New Guardians and it’s great to see that Venditti hasn’t disappointed with this issue. Francis Portela delivers some amazing artwork throughout these pages both in space and on the ground and handles the variety of situations very well. Scott McDaniel’s breakdowns and Brad Anderson’s colours make an excellent addition to this book helping it stand out really well.

In short, despite the fact that it’s yet another crossover, there’s plenty of great stuff going on here and Robert Venditti continues to impress on Green Lantern. This is certainly going to be a series worth sticking with for those who jumped on with Godhead (like this reviewer) and there isn’t any reason why old hands won’t stop reading this book anytime soon as well. It’s been able to handle the crossover itself very well indeed and with some good plot movement as well as some fun scenes, it’s great to see that the core Green Lantern title is in a very strong place right now.


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