by Joshua Dysart, Rafa Sandoval

Now that Harada has taken control of the U.S.S. Bush and revealed his intentions to the world, how will the world’s governments react? Will Harada be able to take on the armies of a world coalition? Read on for our review of Harbinger: Omegas #2.

The story

After taking control of a Navy fleet in issue #1, Toyo Harada takes control of a piece of Somali desert as his new place of operation in a self-governing territory he is calling the Foundation Zone. As you would expect, the rest of the world’s governments are not terribly happy with the situation and form a coalition to take down Harada and his psiots lead by the African Union and the British government. Meanwhile, the search for Peter Stanchek heats up as the whole world is looking for Peter whom they believe to be the only person powerful enough to take down Harada.

Joshua Dysart has been at the helm of the Harbinger series since the first issue and has consistently created fascinating stories with every issue. Harbinger: Omegas is the conclusion to the first chapter of his tale and has thus far been thrilling. This issue is a little slower than some of the stories we’re been used to but is just as thrilling. Most of the issue is told through Harada’s eyes as he narrates the story and we learn some of his plans for the future of the world. There is a bit of action thrown in, particularly the sequences of Harada taking down a stealth bomber over the Foundation Zone, but even those sequences are slower and more detached than what we’ve come to expect from Valiant books.

This issue has a lot of very interesting insights into human nature and the nature of world politics so it may not appeal to readers who simply read books for escape. Dysart has done work in African countries before and some of his personal beliefs and experiences definitely seem to have inspired much of this book.

Don’t let my 3-star review fool you – this book is fantastic. If you’re a Valiant or Harbinger fan, you will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, due to the book not being new reader friendly, and because some of the topics addressed, this book lost a couple points in terms of appeal. My one concern is that with only one issue left, Peter Stanchek’s role in this book will not be fully explored and may not lead to a fully satisfying conclusion.

The art

Rafa Sandoval continues his excellent work on this book. His art is very emotive and powerful and is a great compliment to Dysart’s script. The standout work of Ulises Arreola really makes this book stand out and continues to prove the level of skill in Valiant’s art department.


Even with the much slower pacing and some of the political undertones of this book, Harbinger: Omegas #2 is an enjoyable read. Dysart continues to expand the world of Harbinger in a unique and interesting way which only he could do. Definitely recommended reading.



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