By Michael Alan Nelson, Dan Mora & Gabriel Cassata

BOOM! has been on a roll with mini-series lately and it seems like everyone has at least a little something for any reader to enjoy. So when you see a new #1 from BOOM! on the shelves you know it’s worth it to at least check it out. Hexed follows a young female thief named Lucifer who also seems to also have some supernatural powers and some interestingly dark allies.

Now if you are like myself you might not know that Hexed had already had a prior mini-series that one would assume introduced a lot of characters and ideas before this new series began. Going into this new Hexed series fresh, it surprisingly didn’t feel that confusing for a new reader. Sure, there were some parts that would probably have more impact had you read the previous Hexed mini-series, but it wasn’t necessary. You have to give Michael Alan Nelson credit for being able to keep Hexed accessible to new readers while still expanding the story for current fans.

When it comes to making a stunning cover, Emma Rios is always an excellent choice. Something about seeing her art on the cover of anything just screams, “BUY ME!” After reading this issue and doing a bit of digging I learned that Rios had been the artist on the previous mini-series. However this time interior art is handled by Dan Mora. Emma Rios is no easy act to follow but Mora does so exceedingly well. Together with colorist Gabriel Cassata, this entire issue looked stunning. They are definitely a great pair to not only work together but they make Hexed even more of an enjoyable read. Old readers have nothing to worry about because Mora and Cassata do an amazing job with Hexed.

This was a perfectly good first issue for Hexed to return with. There are plenty of fun characters, great art and an interesting story that made it a smooth and entertaining read. New or returning readers shouldn’t have any problem enjoying this first issue. In fact, it makes new readers want to go back and check out the previous mini-series.



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