by Ray Fawkes

With Image’s solid reputation for debuting a new series every week, it makes for a fun game of roulette for fans to randomly check out a new series. Since Image is a welcome home for all creators to tell a wide variety of stories you can find something for virtually anyone. Now the flip side of this coin is that not everybody will get the same amount of joy out of a particular series as another person may. The first issue of Intersect released this week may be one of those series that will polarize readers.

Reading this first issue of Intersect felt like trying to make sense of a dream. At times it felt hard to tell what was going on, but that could also be part of the experience for the reader. The story seemed to center around two characters (maybe three?) who are on the run from someone. Things didn’t really feel fleshed out in this issue, which left me as a reader feeling lost and disconnected. It is also quite possible that Ray Fawkes’ writing is simply above me as a reader and this loose narration is on another level.

Artistically Ray Fawkes has such a unique touch with watercolors. This entire issue looked so angelic and wistful against a mostly white background. Not everyone is going to enjoy Fawkes’ art in Intersect, it is definitely an acquired taste. Hopefully most people can appreciate it for what it is. An argument could be made that this style of art, while beautiful, may not be the best for storytelling in the comic medium. Either way, you safely say there isn’t any other series on the stands that looks like Intersect.

Intersect is clouded in both its tone and storytelling which can make for both a good or bad read. This series is going to be one that can only be judged by the eye of each reader. Where I may have found it somewhat difficult to follow, I could also see where others might enjoy this type of story. Intersect reflects a rare type of storytelling you don’t normally see in the comics medium. Curious readers may want to read it and judge for themselves.


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