By Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins & Andrew Dalhouse

The “Injustice League” story arc concludes with Lex Luthor finally being inducted into the Justice League. The issue focuses on his dealings with the big three; leading up to what will no doubt be an intense set of events in the next issue. Of course, Johns makes sure we don’t forget about one of his favorite characters, Captain Cold, and continues to develop Jessica Cruz (Power Ring).

When reading Geoff’s work, it sometimes feels like the reader is receiving a class in A-work comic book writing. With the three sequences of Lex working with founding members of the League, the action unfolds visually, but the conversations are very philosophical, conveying key themes and character defining moments…Truly brilliant execution. Also, he continues the staple of his writing where the last page is a cliffhanger that makes one beg for the continuation.

Scott Kolins’ pencils and inking are a bit of a shock when Doug Mahnke had been the primary artist on this arc; this isn’t a criticism though. After the first few pages, the reader should adjust easily. What is most intriguing is Kolins’ depiction of Luthor. He is rendered with very a very soft, unblemished face, whereas Bruce, Diana and Clark have more definition. This could be taken as Scott’s way of showing that Lex wears a public façade, which is a major point in this comic. Also, Andrew Dalhouse adapts seamlessly to the change in artists and lightens the coloring to suit the imagery…very impressive.

This series continues to live up to and earn its place as the flagship title for DC. The collaboration between writing and art never ceases to deliver a fantastic piece of art and literature.


About The Author Erik Gonzalez

I was exposed to comics early on, one of my earliest vivid memories was picking up the entire run of Dark Horse’s Aliens vs. Predator(1990). Odd and perhaps morbid choice for a kid, I know...At the same time, I was immersed in the pop culture of the time which included, but not limited to: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and of course, Batman: The Animated Series. Upon reflection, it’s fairly evident why I’m such a zealous geek. My day job is in television operations, so basically I’m exposed to media at every turn, which is where I want to be! Writing comic book reviews is another outlet to convey my respect and fanaticism for the this graphic medium. I hope what I have to say will resonate with others and also spark heart-felt discussion. Simon Pegg said it best, “Being a geek is extremely liberating.”

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