It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a new edition of Kickin’ It Old School, our weekly column in which we look to the past and review books from the original Valiant universe! This week, I’ll be discussing Magnus Robot Fighter #4.

Magnus Robot Fighter #4

Published in September of 1991
Written by Jim Shooter
Penciled by Art Nichols
Inked by Bob Layton with Kathryn Bolinger
Colored by Janet Jackson

Key new characters

  • Doctor Giardino- she’s forced to modify robot D-15 into Hammerclaw, but she risks her own safety to help Magnus defeat him


0-1X has taken control of the Mainbrain and, thus, all of the normally functioning robots. We see Leeja and Major Timbuc being seized by robots now under 0-1X’s control.  Robots everywhere are attacking humans as 0-1X transmits the details of exactly how he gained control.  As we know from last issue, he was attempting to have T-1’s key lobe installed, but the operation seemingly failed.  Elzy, the goph salvager, revived 0-1X, which he returned the favor for by bashing her in the head.  As the humans celebrated, he walked right into Central Rob, guided by all of the robots that he was now able to control.
Tekla shows up and pleads for mercy towards humans, saying that robots are better than humans and should show the mercy that humans wouldn’t.  0-1X agrees, but says that there will be no peace until Magnus is dead.  He has President Clane brought to him and delivers the threat that humans will be killed until Magnus surrenders or until one billion humans are dead.  Magnus, realizing that he can’t avoid being involved, sets out to fight against the robots.

Major Timbuc sells out Magnus to stall the robots, telling of his ability to intercept robot communications.  0-1X use this knowledge to guide Magnus into a trap.  Magnus falls for it, fights his way out, and discovers Elzy, who fell for the same trap since she has a device herself to intercept communications.  They work together, heading toward 0-1X.  Meanwhile, Tekla finds Leeja with the intentions of protecting her for Magnus.  Elzy impetuously runs in, guns a blazing, to attack 0-1X and is quickly overtaken.  Magnus is forced to run into the battle, flying through robots until he meets Hammerclaw.  He’s losing the fight with Hammerclaw until Doctor Giardino sacrifices herself to tell Magnus how to defeat him.  Magnus continues fighting his way towards 0-1X and destroys him.

Magnus then destroys Central Rob, which renders all of the normal robots mostly useless, allowing the free will robots to escape.  He stops Major Timbuc from attacking, gets yelled at by President Clane, and heads to the Goph sector, fed up with humans.  He meets Tekla there, who says she has to stay separated from Magnus to be able to lead her people, now that 0-1X is gone.  From there, Tekla goes to the Wildlife Refuge, where we see a recuperating Leeja.  The issue ends in very dramatic fashion, with Magnus receiving a communication from 1-A while having his communicator removed.  As he walks into the last panel, a goph asks “Who are you?”, to which he replies, “A free man.”


This issue was a great ending to the story arc.  The robots are becoming much more threatening.  The characters of various humans (ie. Clane, Leeja, Timbuc, Giardino) are becoming more polarized and less generic.  Magnus is fed up with beings tuck in the middle and takes decisive action through defeating 0-1X then destroying Central Rob to ensure that neither side has the upper hand and ending the war for now.  We see Tekla finding her place as the leader of the robots, yet able to seek peace.  The ending was amazing, though.  Magnus literally removing 1-A’s influence from his head.  Now he guides his own thoughts.  I wonder if there’s more to 1-A than meets the eye?

Remember the 90s, when everything was collectible and would make you rich if you kept it long enough?  How much of that crap is still in your garage?

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