by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, Santi Arcas & Tyler Boss

The current Conclave arc is the most intense story in Lazarus so far. All sixteen families are meeting face-to-face for the first time in sixty-five years. With the resort of Triton filled with the most important people in the world and all of their deadly lazari. Things have remained calm so far, but it seems like alliances are beginning to form. Will this meeting bring peace or war?

Each story arc in Lazarus, writer Greg Rucka has found a different way to blend both world building and character development. This issue Rucka uses the setting of an all lazari poker match to give readers a little more insight into some of the other families’ trained killers. Since the beginning of the Conclave storyline, Rucka has built this looming sense of dread. The reader can feel that something is building, sides are starting to form, something big is on the horizon and unfortunately Forever is caught up in it.

A huge part of what makes the world of Lazarus seems so authentic is from Michael Lark’s intricate designs. Lark’s art plunges you into Lazarus with every minute detail from a building’s layout to various hi-tech gadgets. With so many new characters being introduced in the Conclave arc, it might feel overwhelming for Lark to have to handle so many different character designs, however he handles it like a pro and makes a room full of lazari each look diverse and interesting. Santi Arcas’ color palette brings such an authenticity to Lazarus that it feels like reading a live-action show. Arcas does such a wonderful job of enhancing Lark’s work and making Lazarus feel all the more real.

Lazarus is without a doubt one of the best series currently ongoing. Both Lark and Rucka are on top of their game and it shows on every page of Lazarus. The depth presented in both Lazarus‘s setting and the character’s who inhabit it make for a series that keeps readers coming back for more.



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