by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen and Maarta Laiho

At the end of the second issue of Lumberjanes #2, the girls were in a bad spot. After having faced off against a river monster, the girls went over the falls and were separated from their bunk leader. Left to fend for themselves, the third issue picks up as the girls dust themselves off from a long fall into a mysterious cavern. And if readers have learned anything about the series so far, it’s that things certainly are mysterious when it comes to this camp!

It would seem that the cave the girls have stumbled into is a bit of a labyrinth. The group first comes upon a giant statue who demands to be challenged to an arm-wrestling match in order to allow their passage to the next door. There is a bit of commentary amidst the scene as April proves this brute to be not match for her might. It’s is not preachy, though, and the story makes a nod before moving on to more adventures. As this issue continues, the girls move from puzzle to puzzle and most of the crew have an opportunity to shine. It may be a little too convenient to be arranged in such a way, but the entertainment from the varying puzzles and the interactions of the bunk mates all have greater impact.

Writers Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis are making a decision to focus on a lot of positivity and entertainment in the series. So far, the girls of the Roanoke bunk have come across very many life threatening dilemmas. The camp itself seems as though it is out to get them. It would also appear that there are other campers. As the story progresses, it will be interesting to see if these adventures are being had by others, or if this group is special in some way. For now, the story stays true to the tone set out in the first two issues. It is certainly enjoyable to have a book that can involve some truly crazy adventures while still maintaining such a charming tone and cast. Even though the girls run into a number of traps and troubles through their adventures in this cave, never does the story turn into a series of arguments. While one or more tight spots may be the result of a single camper, Stevenson and Ellis never turn the girls on each other to make for tension.

Brooke Allen and Maarta Laiho’s cover to the third issue is a good bit of fun. The image of the cabin mates sitting around after hours telling stories has little to do with the events of this issue, but it is a familiar scene to any individual that has been through overnight camps. There is a fondness that it exudes and it is one that Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis capture just as well in the camaraderie of the girls throughout this issue. Once again, Lumberjanes is a real treat.


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