By Cullen Bunn, Javier Fernandez & Dan Brown

Magneto continues his rampage against all those opposing mutantkind in issue #6 of this compelling series. Magneto has always been a strong character in the Marvel universe, his power has propelled him to great heights and he’s proven time and time again his worth. This is a series where he’s been essentially “unleashed” in a regard not yet tapped. He’s alone and taking matters into his own hands, and with gruesome results. Magneto #6  doesn’t disappoint and delivers a great story along with loads of action.

Cullen Bunn is the writer on this series and his take on Magneto has been spot on. He’s on the loose, but we’re given a sense that he knows what he is doing and has each and every move planned out before he takes a step. His character his fleshed out very well, with little stray to side-stories giving the reader a lot of action per issue.

The art by Javier Fernandez is great, with panels playing around with the idea of space and cool visuals. Dan Brown is the colorist and his flat reds look great on the panels where Fernandez is putting characters in the forefront and leaving the background blank. There is a two-page spread featuring Mr. Sinister coated in a dark purple, the red pops from the backgrounds of a couple of the panels as well as the features of Mr. Sinister.

The fight scenes…this series is all about the fight scenes. Magneto delivers some great blows to his rivals in this issue. Mr. Sinister’s clones are running scared of the Master of Magnetism as he picks them off one by one. Bunn does a great job of scripting the fights, including banter and the frustration of the characters, as Fernandez depicts some very exasperated facial expressions. The colors are kept darker throughout the book, keeping the visuals in a haunting manner because of this.

Bunn continues writing the story of Magneto we’ve always wanted to see and the artwork by Fernandez can’t disappoint. This issue brings a lot of fight to the story and opens up for big possibilities come next issue. This series grows with each issue, giving you more and more reasons to keep reading and not miss a single one!


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