Agents of SHIELD’s second episode in its sophomore season has continued to prove that the show is moving away from its standard case of the week element that plagued the early season 1. It wasn’t until episode 16 really when the more serialized drama kicked in, with a trend that has continued into Heavy is the Head, which saw the team continue to hunt for the live-action adaption of the Absorbing Man to varying degrees of success.

Hunter meets with Coulson...
Hunter meets with Coulson…

One thing that we’re seeing here is that it’s very clear that Agents of SHIELD is an entirely different show from when it first began. Not only is there better action, higher stakes, but also better and more compelling twists and turns allowing for another fast paced adrenaline filled action. If the show keeps the strong start to season two up then it could easily become as strong as Arrow, but it’s still a bit too early to call yet, as Arrow started getting good long before SHIELD did.

We opened with May finding Hunter and hunting down the Absorbing Man pretty much on her own, and it was good to get immediately back into the action as it ditches the focus on Skye for some of the more interesting members of the cast. B0th Hunter and Mack (Henry Simmons), newcomers to the team, weren’t given enough time to be fleshed out last episode which is why it was a good thing when Hunter was given the main attention for most of this episode. We got to see his character developed a bit more and whilst unfortunately it does not look like Lucy Lawless will be sticking around, it does mean that we’ve got two far more tolerable replacements for Ward in this show, with both characters further helping diversifying the team.

The action was a lot more engaging this episode, much like last week, then it previously was early on in the season. The characters have become more interesting and it’s also good to see that the writers seem to be correcting everything that was wrong with Season 1 fairly swiftly, with Skye being less central to the plot being a very good thing indeed, even if there are still elements to be addressed like with the inclusion of her father (Kyle MacLachlan) in one of the most important moments of this episode.

If I did have one complaint about this episode however, it would be that the action itself is unfortunately, despite being fun, very predictable. There wasn’t any major shock moments in this episode and there was virtually zero chances of our characters being at risk, which kind of robbed the tension. However, that’s only a minor problem when you consider just how strong the show has grown,

Are you enjoying Agents of SHIELD Season 2 so far or has its return failed to impress you? Let me know in the comments below.

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