By Ian Flynn, Powree, Matt Herms, Gary Martin

The last of the robot masters from Mega Man 3 are about to be busted! Can our hero survive? Is Wily’s current heel turn for real? Well, of course it is. Ian Flynn satisfies NES junkies everywhere by giving us another great issue, even though its ending leaves a lot to be desired.

This is the last issue of the current Legends of The Blue Bomber storyline, which creates a more robust story for the NES classic. This time, Mega Man has a fantastic battle with Hard Man and then an even better battle with Spark Man. As childish as this series can sometimes appear, there is always exciting action and these two battles are easily the best (so far). Hard Man’s character doesn’t get explored too much, but Flynn makes up for it by making Spark Man very sympathetic.

The only gripe about this issue is its lack of any closure. It doesn’t feel like the end of an arc because of its huge cliffhanger. Sure, that’s how ongoing comics typically are. They need something to hook you in and keep you coming back for more. However, there’s usually at least some sort of finality to things. There’s no walking off into the sunset moment. It’s nothing that ruins anything, so this is just being nitpicky.

Once again, Powree provides the art and things look as pleasant as ever. Powree certainly helps with the two best battles in the series; somehow managing to make things look all-ages friendly and fierce at the same time. That’s a tall order, but Powree keeps knocking these Mega Man issues out of the park.

Cliffhangers aside, this is another great issue to a great story arc and an even greater series. Mega Man is still one of Archie’s best. You really should be reading,



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