By Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson, Adam Guzowski

This has been stated before, but Joshua Williamson is easily one of the hottest talents in comics. If there are any Dexter fans out there, Nailbiter is the book for you. This is a serial killer story done right and issue 8 cranks its intrigue to 11.

Seriously, what the heck is going on in this town? There’s a new killer on the loose and that has brought news media from all over the country. So not only are the citizens of Buckaroo losing their privacy, but now they might need to worry about their very lives. Williamson does a great job of showing a realistic take on a small town on the brink of complete madness. It’s easy to read an issue of Nailbiter and almost feel like it’s really happening. That’s some great writing.

Elsewhere, Finch is following one of the many rabbit holes of Carrol’s notes, this time leading him to a bee farm. Apparently, honey was big business in Buckaroo, until the bees started inexplicably dying. What does this have to do with the Buckaroo killers? Your guess is a good as mine. Williamson continues to weave a beautiful mystery that demands to be read and talked about.

Mike Henderson also deserves a lot of credit. His art is perfect for Nailbiter. His depictions of the numerous serial killers and crazy people of Buckaroo are a treat for the eyes. Throw in Adam Guzowski’s colors and you have a recipe for one pretty comic.

Each issue of Nailbiter that’s released just adds more and more to the larger mystery. Williamson handles the confusion with grace so that the reader never feels overwhelmed. Issue 8 is the best yet and you just know things can only get better from here.


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