By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Aaron Lopresti, Art Thibert, Hi-Fi

“We could go to the ultra top secret, authorized personnel only, trespassers will be eviscerated, super secure sidekick bunker.”

Another reveal? One we’ve known, a bit more obvious than the previous “Superman” reveal, but still significant none the less. The man Lois Lane has been accusing of being Red Robin breaks into her office to see what evidence she has on him. This mission however results with him meeting face to face with an impatient Lane waiting for him, “I’ve been expecting a Red Robin move like this for weeks, Mr. Corcoran.” This is something we’ve been seeing play out in the background for months, so for this little piece to finally get some resolution is a sigh of relief.

Brian Azzarello along with his fellow writers give a lot this week in terms of the bigger story and the worlds existing between the one we saw in issue #0 and the one Batman (Terry version) was sent back to fix. For a moment in this issue we’re taken into the room of an aging Mr. Terrific to see how things are playing out there, creating a nice parallel to how the younger Mr. Terrific is dealing with a similar problem – each seeming to loathe Batman.

Some of this issue’s comedic lines come from the Fifty-Sue, Grifter, and Deathstroke dynamic. Those along with Lana create a sort of dysfunctional family, where Slade is forced to act as if a father to the arguing Fifty-Sue and Cole. The line shown above is one of Fifty-Sue’s suggestions on where they can hide. Cole’s response adds to the comedy of the situation when he says, “Waitaminnit, waitaminnit…trespassers will be what?!”

On the art side of this week’s issue is Aaron Lopresti on pencils, with Art Thibert on inks, and colors by Hi-Fi. A panel showing the comedic/disturbing vibe that is Cadmus Island shows the above family walking/stepping over some bodies on the ground as they make their way towards a safe area, trying to piece together how they’re going to deal with Brother Eye. Lopresti depicts the main four front and center, but also places a couple high flying characters in the background for the reader to pick out – one of which being Powergirl. In the left hand corner a face stares vacantly into the sky and you can see Thibert’s and Hi-Fi’s work with the shading to create a body not much longing for this world.

This week some more questions were answered and some surprising scenes shown (especially in the futures future… the futures end future…of the future… the older Mr. Terrific part). The “family” quality of the Cadmus Crew (is that a cool name for them? Can this be a thing now?) makes for some funny scenes and great banter between the characters. We’re definitely given enough this week to look forward to the next issue!


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