By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Patrick Zircher, Jesús Merino, Dan Green, Hi-Fi

“…Frankenstein loathes robots.”

What’s everyone been up to in Futures End? Well this week you find out! In The New 52: Futures End #25 we’re thrown through a few different stories and shown what a lot of the characters are up to. Frankenstein and his pals are fighting an endless onslaught of robots; Superman is fighting a crazy strong robot, and Firestorm? How’s he/they been doing?

Brian Azzarello and his fellow writers Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen offer this week another blend of stories. It’s always nice to see a story start off with a “Melmoth’s Beard!” shout during a battle scene – which is what were given once again in this issue. Azzarello and company start this issue off by bringing us into the ongoing battle with Braniac’s endless army fighting against the likes of Black Adam, Frankenstein, Amethyst, and Hawkman. Will they find a way out?

We’re also brought back over to Cadmus Island, where the plot thickens even more. Who’s powering the island? Who’s pulling the strings? Will Fifty-Sue ever get that big eye off her computer screen?

On the art side this week is Patrick Zircher and Jesús Merino on pencils and Zircher and Dan Green on inks, with the colors once again by Hi-Fi. Style wise the art remains consistent with the series thus far. A cool scene featuring Superman’s fight (as seen on the cover as well) shows a few panels blasting with great colors and action. A big panel taking up the middle of a page shows him blasting his eye-beams into the chest of the renegade robot. The red beams splash back as Superman pushes forward the two of them into a rock, until eventually…BOOM!

This week offered a lot of different stories flying around (some literally flying, others safely planted on the ground), but the highlight was the real return of Superman – and seeing that he’s still got it!


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