By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Patrick Zircher & Ryan Sook

Brain Azzarello and the rest of the writing team set out to fill in more of the space being created in this character-packed series. This time around, we take a jump back to the “main” storyline, if only for a brief moment, to see what Terry has been up to and how well he’s doing with his assignment.

Another member of the bat-family, Tim Drake, is brought back and the mystery surrounding his story continues to intrigue (Will he ever go back to fighting? Who knows?!). Any scene with this gritty version of Drake seems to be captivating, he’s fed up, he’s angry, he just wants to go home and get some rest! (Nice beard by the way!)

We’re also given another character come the end of #6 (yes…another one), but it’s a familiar “face” wrapped in a bit of secrecy. The storyline to stem from that super encounter looks promising.

Patrick Zircher is on art duty with colors by Hi-Fi and together some great scenes transpire. Drake’s scene in the Wounded Duck bar (sounds catchier than Wounded Robin…too soon?) is filled with bright lights (it’s closing time) and works in great comparison to the outside dreary looking scene that follows.

Worth a mention is the cover art to this issue, done by Ryan Sook. He sets the reader up for Drake/Red Robin’s scene playing off the news story that followed his “death”. In blue an image of the reporter out to uncover the story looks back to a dark image following her. Below we see fingers typing up the story and the words appearing over the images spliced together perfectly.


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