By Jonathan Hickman and Rags Morales

As we all know, Marvel Point issues are meant to be perfect jumping on points. Unfortunately, this is not a good time to hop on board. You would have to go back to the beginning to understand anything that’s going on.

If you have been reading New Avengers, there’s some great news for you. After last issue’s drop in quality, things are back to being super awesome. The issue revolves around Namor and Black Panther peering into the events of an alternate universe that has managed to prevent multiple incursions. The way these odd heroes’ story plays out is eerily familiar to the early issues of Hickman’s New Avengers run. It’s a fun way to remind us of past events, as well as giving us some shameless fan service (not that that’s a bad thing).

New Avengers was in some dire need of a new artist. After the past few issues, anything would be an improvement. This is Rags Morales first major work for Marvel. It’s not his best outing, but it’s still respectable. Rags has always been very good at conveying reactions during conversations. Namor and Black Panther’s powerful interactions have never looked better. His detail is truly stunning.

Sometimes Hickman’s works can be a chore, but once you wrap your head around it, it becomes terribly beautiful. Now that Rags Morales is on board, you really couldn’t ask for a better creative team. Look out, because New Avengers is out to reclaim its title as the number 1 Marvel series.



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