By Christopher Yost and Marcus To

Christopher Yost sure has a hold on these characters. He really knows how to present them and how to get some interesting dialogue out of it. The only problem is that we’re still not presented with a reason to care.

The High Evolutionary is back and attacking mutants (weird). Yost manages to improve the villain from last issue, by adding to the mystery. Every character is shown to be in their own conflict with the enemy, which gives us time to see how they work under extreme circumstances. The best is easily Speedball, who is serving as the comic relief.

Yost also has a lot to deal with. There is the new threat, as well as the New Warriors’ dark past, he juggles both seamlessly. This is a marked improvement over last issue, but we’re still not given a proper reason to move on with the title. Newer fans are given some cool characters, but they’re never given a reason to root for the team and the series as a whole. Even though it’s moving in a positive direction, there’s still an “it factor” missing.

Fortunately, Marcus To certainly has “it”. Issue 2 looks even better than the first. To throws everything out the window and goes for a massive superhero spectacle. Each character is detailed to perfection and looks fierce while in action. His level of crafting a battle is off the charts. This is a really beautiful book.

Yost and To are a great team for a series like New Warriors. They have what it takes, but the noobs are going to need a little something extra. At the moment, there are so many great comics. Yost needs to find a “hook” to reel everybody in.


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