By Cullen Bunn & Ramon Rosanas

Zombies may feel like they’ve been a bit overdone lately, but this definitely isn’t the feeling I get when reading Night of the Living Deadpool. So far this series is distinguishing itself from other zombie books by offering a dose of comedy from our favorite “Merc with a mouth”. Complete with his own brand of humor, several references to popular zombie shows and movies, this definitely puts him out of his typical blow stuff up and ask questions later element.

The first thing that will jump out at you is the color scheme; everything is in black and white except for our hero (if you can call him that). This adds an element of seclusion that sets Deadpool up as being, even if surrounded by people, alone in this new zombie ridden world. Even the gore is in black and white, and even for a Deadpool series the gore is pretty intense. The few times zombies get a snack it’s pretty gruesome, even cringe worthy at one point. As Night of the Living Deadpool carries on into #2 we don’t really get any information on what caused the outbreak of sudden zombies, but we do learn that every city in the world was hit all at once and Deadpool may be the last superhero on earth.

With location references to The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead and even Thriller at one point, this series knows exactly what it’s up against and doesn’t fail to deliver. The one thing that sets this apart from other zombie series that are out right now is, POSSIBLE SPOILER: the zombies can talk. Even if it’s only a few words, it’s very unnerving and creepy, a welcomed addition to the brand of humor the merc with a mouth brings us. Definitely an interesting take and worth picking up.



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