by Ray Fawkes, Joe Eisma

The Archer and Armstrong ongoing may be over, but fans of the series should be excited to see the release of Archer and Armstrong: The One Percent #1 as we learn more about what is in store for the villainous former Sect members.

The story

The focus of this book is on Austin, a new member of the ultra-rich and elitist group known as The One Percent, a devil-worshipping international group who control all aspects of the financial sector and large industrial conglomerates. Austin is no stranger to the group as his father has been a longtime member of their board of directors.

Unlike his father, and the rest of the organization though, Austin has his own plans for The One Percent, a plan to propel them into into a future, a future without the involvement of the old and tired ways of his predecessors. What ensues is a thrilling chase to escape an attack on One Percent gatherings, and the reveal of Austin’s plans.

Ray Fawkes makes his Valiant debut with this book and it is a thrilling and fun ride. In true Archer and Armstrong fashion, Ray Fawkes manages to keep a high level of humor without going overboard. The events that unfold through this book are just plain fun and build atop one another, leaving us with a satisfying ending that wraps up the book nicely while setting up the future of the organization. The pacing is fast and the dialogue is strong, making this book an easy but fulfilling read.

The art

Joe Eisma’s recent backup story in Archer and Armstrong #25 really impressed me so it is great seeing him in another Valiant book. His pencil work is so clean and polished, with an art style similar to previous Archer and Armstrong artist Pere Perez. This book is gorgeous! Accentuating Eisma’s pencils is the color work of Ulises Arreola who continues to produce outstanding work for Valiant. There is almost a surreal feel to the colors which fits in great with the over-the-top attitude of this book.


Archer and Armstrong: The One Percent #1 should excite current fans of the series and really sets up some very interesting story possibilities for the future of these characters, and I can’t wait to see how this affects the rest of the Valiant universe.

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