by Robert Venditti, Diego Bernard

The story

Now that Armor Hunters is over and his direct involvement with the Unity team is on hold, the book seems to be on pace to return to its roots as the self-contained center of the Valiant universe. With that said, issue #30 marks the start of a new arc, so this issue is definitely exposition heavy; however, having stuck around for the past 31 issues (don’t forget #0), I have come to expect that from Robert Venditti. I have also learned never to doubt the directions he is taking the character.

This book sees the official introduction of both Phillip Zahn and the Armorines. Fans of the original X-O Manowar series will definitely recognize the name of Phillip Zahn and his plot to destroy the manowar armor, though this character is not the same person. There is an Easter egg in reference to that original character which I’m curious to see how many people will pick up on.

So Zahn is one of the richest men on Earth, providing charity for the needy, while hiring out his own paramilitary group to governments around the world. There’s plenty of exposition, character development, and questions with regards to his character which I’m sure we’ll explore as the arc progresses. Robert Venditti continues to steer the X-O ship in crazy directions at a thousand miles per hour, and I am loving the ride.

The art

Of the various artists that have tackled this book, Diego Bernard continues to be my favorite and I am impressed that never once throughout his tenure on this book, has any panel lacked in the detail one would expect from a flagship book. While I’m sure Bernard will not remain on this title forever, his representation of the characters and landscape is spot on and to me, synonymous with the feel of the book. The pencils are clean and tight, and the color work by Wil Quintana is terrific and on par with the work of the rest of Valiant’s talented colorists.


X-O Manowar #30 continues to prove why this is Valiant’s flagship title. If you’re not reading this book, then you simply hate comics.

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