By Peter J. Tomasi, Andy Kubert, & Brad Anderson

Robin Rises: Omega continues from Tomasi’s latest Batman story, as the agents of Apokolips arrive on Earth searching for something that just so happens to be somehow connected to Damian. A lengthy introduction displays the many years of history covering everything from Damian’s birth, reason for existence, partnership with Bruce, and finally to his death. An issue that delves into the rich mythology of this modern-classic character, this One-Shot reminds us of how Damian was such a great character, and such an important piece of the puzzle that is Bruce Wayne, and the entire Batman lore.

Minor complaints allow this issue to remain spectacular, but it’s the overall presentation of this ever-growing epic that actually creates the majority of problems. One problem relating to where this story is headed is that, while grand and gratifying to fans keeping up with many Bat-titles across the New 52, it may confuse several lighter readers who could potentially see this issue as the start of a research progress instead of the piece of enjoyment it should be. This One-Shot requires hefty knowledge of Greg Pak’s work on the increasingly popular Batman/Superman series, which, again, may require excess reading to minor fans.

Andy Kubert is a fantastic artist who has worked on some of DC’s most important stories. Now he’s tackling the recollection and continuation of Damian’s legacy. Kubert recreates some of the most important moments surrounding Damian’s history, as well as the issues leading to this one. While the flashbacks look great, the bulk of the book takes place in the present, where Batman and Ra’s fight for the future of their families, which is where the art excels, and creates a great finish. Brad Anderson’s art has many hues and shades that make even the whitest and coldest snow-covered mountains look as beautiful and colorful as ever. Whether it’s the clothing, metal, or faces, Anderson’s bright colors make very panel shine.

While this issue culminates the knowledge of many stories spanning multiple series, none of that takes away from what is presented, which is, at its core, an interesting story that creates a nice progression to the growing mystery of Damian Wayne. The future of this popular character is still unknown, but based on the references to other series, it’s shaping up to be a great epic, and one that may force some readers to do some extra homework, followed by some extra purchases. If a few dollars and a bit of time is what is needed to get the full knowledge of this growing storyline, then so be it, because it will be worth it in the end.


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