By Scottie Young, Jean-François Beaulieu

I’d like the record to show that you have hit me, like, a lot. So no hard feelings…when I hit back!”

Wait, there’s another Raccoon out there somewhere? And he’s right in front of Rocket? Or is he… yeah he totally is… but is he really?

This issue of Rocket Raccoon #4 finds Rocket facing off against his newest enemy as well as a lot of pissed off ex-girlfriends. Things couldn’t be worse for Rocket, unless of course something were to happen to Groot! (Something totally happens to Groot)

Scottie Young brings us into this chaotic mess of a situation for Rocket whose trying to get his life all squared away – along with a few ex-girlfriends off his back. The banter between Rocket and the identity thief brings a few laughs, and Young’s artwork is once again fantastic. His characters are vibrant, always moving, and very expressive.

Jean-François Beaulieu once again compliments Young’s artwork very well from a colors stand point. On one of the pages where Rocket finds himself squaring off with the leader of the ex’s the top panel is soaked in a lot of pinks and purples. Below this panel are three horizontal ones, all very bright and yellow as it shows them making contact/punching one another. The bottom panel ties it back into the purple and pink of the sky behind them via dust clouds forming as more chaos ensues.

This has been a fun read each issue, and with the end of the first storyline it’ll be exciting to see what Young and Beaulieu come up with next. Who is she?!


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