by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples

With the latest issue of Saga being released this week, marks the end of an arc and the beginning of a small hiatus. Even though it’s sad to go a couple of months without getting your Saga fix, it’s worth the wait to make sure the creators can have plenty of breathing room to bring us the best possible story they can. Whatever system they are using seems to be working since Saga is the most popular ongoing series currently running.

Even though this issue was the last before a break, there weren’t too many big reveals. Most of this issue was about the recoil after the major events from the last issue. By the time you read the last page, you will feel ready for wherever the story goes next. Brian K. Vaughn has mastered the art of storytelling through the comics medium, and Saga is possibly his best work yet. He is able to perfectly blend plot reveals and character development to the point that they go hand-and-hand every issue.

Fiona Staples’ art in Saga has actually been the stand out star that cranked a solid 10 series up to 11. Her delicate inking, watercolor-like palette, and madcap character designs have made this series into its own entity. Every page feels like an artistic masterpiece and enhances the readers overall experience in the Saga universe. The one thing Fiona Staples does incredibly well is perfectly capture emotion and reaction shots. She can draw a character giving a certain look that can tell you more than any amount of dialog or captions. Saga would be worth reading just for Staples art alone.

So much has happened in Saga since it began over two years ago. The real crazy part is when you think about it, it seems like we’ve only scratched the surface of Saga‘s rich potential. Every issue has been a pure joy to read that always leaves you wanting more. It feels good to be reading comics in a time where beautiful stories like Saga exist.


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