By Zack Whedon, Georges Jeanty, Karl Story & Laura Martin

After the stellar first installment of Leaves on the Wind, there were some big expectations for this miniseries. Last month was a sigh of relief for longtime fans of the Firefly franchise, as the creators working on this book are off to an amazing start. Things follow much the same with issue #2; a perfect adaptation of this beloved series for those of us who were dying for more after the Serenity film.

First off, Zack Whedon again demonstrates just how well he understands the individual voice of each character. The dialogue is fantastic and really brings out the sense of nostalgia for Firefly. Mal’s dialogue in particular is astonishingly accurate; Whedon really gets these characters in every respect. This is a very serious side of this universe with plenty of suspense and darker moments. However, issue #2 was again also a very fun book. This is excellent space adventure overall that is both reminiscent of the classics while still retaining its own voice and tone. The crew of Serenity have finally gotten Zoe to a medical unit, but the arrival of the Alliance forces a bitter departure. This was a very suspenseful scene and was quite effective in many respects. Even crazier, River has opted to be put into a coma to dig up any more implanted memories. While only two issues in, this series is firing on all thrusters right from the start. The interactions with Jayne also provide the appropriate respite of comedic relief, which is executed with equal skill.

Like the writing, the artwork in this series has been fantastic right from the beginning. The characters look like the original actors and every panel is very well-detailed. The facial expressions in this latest installment are especially effective, conveying the deeper unspoken emotions of each character. The pain on Mal’s face as they are forced to leave without Zoe says more than words could. Georges Jeanty and Karl Story really fill out each and every panel in this book with interesting designs and great detail. The layouts and the flow of the action also give a cinematic quality to the story and its overall progression, which again helps this story feel even more like a new episode of Firefly. Laura Martin provides some fantastic colors to this book as well, which enhance the detail and realism of the visuals. The space scenes in particular are full of vibrant tones that really make these images leap off of the page.

This creative team have definitely done right by the source material so far. Leaves on the Wind #2 was exciting, emotional, and moved the story forward in a number of interesting ways. Whether or not you’re a fan of Firefly, this is a really fun book with a great story. Get on board the good ship Serenity!


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