By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

Silver Surfer #4 continues the trend of bringing humor and fun into play as Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer) and Dawn Greenwood use this issue to travel back to earth.

Storytellers Dan Slott and Michael Allred are consistent in both scripting and artwork. Slott’s drone-like take on Silver Surfer’s personality results in great dead-pan comedic lines from the herald. A confrontation with the Guardians of the Galaxy results in some funny lines from Dawn as well. Her referring to them as “the customs and immigrations of space” is pretty much proven, even though they don’t seem to agree, as the Guardians stop them before entering Dawn’s home world and bombard them with questions. Pop culture is brought up as well in this issue as Silver Surfer makes it known to Dawn that he’s seen The Wizard of Oz thousands of times – because honestly, who hasn’t?

Michael Allred and Laura Allred depict Marvel’s well known characters as some of their most classic appearances. The inclusion of two heroes in the beginning – we won’t say who (you’ll have to read and find out!) – are depicted in ways not seen in other comics today, thus bringing feelings of nostalgia into the mix. A trip around to Jupiter shows a lot of contrast between the background and the characters as the Surfer and Dawn “surf” past the planet on their way back to earth. The backgrounds of space are very dark and detailed, as the characters are often bright in comparison.

This issue of Silver Surfer places Dawn back at her inn, but something is different. You’d think people would have a bigger reaction to her being in SPACE, right?! One panel however shows a quick glimpse, notifying the reader that something is going on…and the Surfer is going to have to stick around until it’s been figured out.


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