By Cullen Bunn, Dale Eaglesham and Jason Wright

Another tie-in to the large Godhead event that’s making its way through the Lantern books, Sinestro #6 finally appears to tackle the New Gods—or at least a certain female general that Sinestro has his beady little eye on—head on. Not only that, but we get to really see what Sinestro is made of as he strives to strengthen his Corps.

Cullen Bunn, from the very first flash of yellow light, has been at the top of his game with Sinestro. Within a few issues, Bunn made Sinestro a must-read book and also made it one of the top Lantern books available. Being a fan of the darker side of comics, that is to see the villain-side of things, Sinestro has been arguably better than even Green Lantern proper which, for a long time, held that distinction. Seeing just how cold and calculating Sinestro can be is an absolute treat and it actually makes you wonder how Cullen Bunn’s other villain/anti-hero might stack up. Or, hell, let’s get a team up going and see where that goes.

Dale Eaglesham and colorist Jason Wright have also added a lot to the stellar launch of Sinestro. Without these two, even on the shoulders of a writer like Bunn, who knows where this series might be right now. Eaglesham’s Sinestro fits Bunn’s character perfectly; he’s got that evil, cunning look about him and he always looks like he’s contemplating his next move. Not only that, but the supporting cast looks just as great especially during the battle with the New Gods General and her weirdly loyal soldiers. Not to be outdone, Wright’s colors really shine off the page. The constructs and power of the yellow Corps is just stellar and, as with Eaglesham, Wright really steps it up for the battle between the Corps and the New Gods.

It comes down to something really simple: if you like the Lantern section of DC Comics and you’ve been a fan of ol’ Hal and the rest of the crazy green crew, you need to pick up Sinestro. Get a look at the other side of the coin, so to speak. Hell, even if you’re reading zero Lantern titles Bunn, Eaglesham and the gang are doing great things. Pick up this gem from DC Comics.


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