Last week’s premiere saw that one of the best shows of last year had not lost any of its momentum. The Kindred continued the bonkers, action packed and high driven tension that we’ve come to expect from Fox’s best show right now. (Sorry, Gotham & Brooklyn Nine-Nine, whilst both shows are good they’re not quite Sleepy Hollow level yet.) It dealt with Team Sleepy Hollow bringing something to life to battle the Headless Horseman on their own terms, as well as an effort to rescue Katrina from his clutches.

Ichabod and Abbie prepare to rescue Katrina from the Horseman...
Ichabod and Abbie prepare to rescue Katrina from the Horseman…

We also caught up with Frank Irving, whose new situation goes from bad to worse. He isn’t going to be getting out of captivity any time soon it seems, and with the mysterious contract that he signed away unknowingly to Henry Parish, the Horseman of War, things can’t look too great for him in the future. John Noble has really impressed so far in pretty much every scene, and his strong acting ability really makes an impact on this show.

The show continues to balance both humour and the horror very well indeed. Ichabod’s reactions to 21st Century culture always are fun to watch and Sleepy Hollow would earn a place on my ‘must watch’ list of shows even if it was just this element alone. But thankfully, The Kindred – whilst not quite as high-stakes as the premiere, did deliver an action packed episode that was fun from start to finish.

There were a whole lot of awesome moments in The Kindred and not restricted to the ones that were mentioned above. Whilst it looks like the new Sherriff in town is going to be as problematic as Irving was at the start of the first season (perhaps even worse given the newfound situation that Jenny is in as well), there were nonetheless some moments to cheer about in this episode. The fight scene between the Kindred and the two Horsemen was insanely cool, and shows that the series can handle special effects incredibly well, and in a show with numerous supernatural monsters it’s a great achievement that all of them look amazing.

Once again, this show continues to display just how strong it is. If you want proof that you can have a good relationship between a female main character and a male main character with some excellent chemistry then look no further than Sleepy Hollow – the chemistry between Tom Mison’s Ichabod and Nichole Beharie’s Abbie continues to impress, and these two are great leads for the series. In fact, the entire cast is just incredible, and even Katrina, Ichabod’s wife, is coming into her own more as a character this season.

In conclusion then, there’s barely anything negative that I have to say about The Kindred. It’s another excellent episode of Sleepy Hollow and it’s great to see that this show has developed a high level of consistency that will hopefully stick around for future episodes. Next week’s episode can’t come quickly enough, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the plot will develop from here.

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