by Corinna Beckho and Gabriel Hardman and Jordan Boyd

Star Wars Legacy is the book that every Star Wars fan should be reading. With all the attention on Brian Wood’s Star Wars it’s sometimes difficult to pay attention to the other ongoing book set in this Universe, but arguably, the lesser-known Star Wars title, Legacy, is the better one. For one, you don’t know what will happen next. Brian Wood uses characters that are so vital to the Star Wars mythology that there’s no way he  can kill them off – but as we’re so far in the future, Beckho & Hardman’s monthly addition to the Star Wars franchise makes anything possible. This issue continues the adventures of Ania Solo – who’s in handcuffs and held captive by a former friend, as she is wanted for the murder of an Imperial Knight.

And things are looking tough for Ania – because even her allies, Suak and Jao, another Imperial Knight, are wary of her – starting to grow more suspicious of their friend. However, one thing that’s clear regardless, Ania is a fantastic character and one of the best characters to come out of the Star Wars expanded Universe. She’s been one of the most memorable so far and if you’ve been reading Star Wars Legacy then the reasonings behind this should be very clear indeed. She’s a great character, and she’s the main driving force behind this book.

The artwork provided by Gabriel Hardman is as stunning as ever. As great as this book is in terms of storytelling, the art easily matches its high quality. Hardman’s panels are stunning and this is easily one of the best looking books not just in the Star Wars franchise but also in Dark Horse’s publishing range. It’s just incredible, and Jordan Boyd’s colors are just as amazing. What’s good about this as well is that Hardman also brings his talents to writing the narrative as well with Corrina Beckho, meaning that he can play to his strengths and the end result is exceptional. If Marvel have any sense then they’ll keep this title around when they gain the rights – with the same creative team, because they are doing fantastic work in the Star Wars Universe.

This is one of those books that deserves a lot more attention than it currently gets, and is a must-read book each month. Each issue is fantastic – and #12 is no exception, with a good level of pace and some great interplay between the characters  – Suak and Jao are on one ship whilst Ania is on the next – and the splits between the two don’t feel odd and they never interrupt the flow of the book. The action is also good – even if it may be on a small scale as opposed to large battles.

Star Wars Legacy is essential reading for any Star Wars fan, and it’s one of the best tie-in comics on shelves at the moment.  Highly Recommended.


About The Author Milo Milton Jef​feries

Milo is a fan of comics, movies and television, and he reads too many books, listens to far too much music and watches far too many shows and movies. His favourite Star Wars movie is The Last Jedi.

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