By Charles Soule & Tony S. Daniel

The Superman line has been putting out some utterly exceptional comics in the past month and Action Comics #29 has just been one of those. Superman/Wonder Woman #6 is another and hopefully that trend can continue with next week’s Superman Unchained, which also reaches its sixth issue. Whilst this title was a Superman-centric issue, featuring a battle between Superman, Wonder Woman, Faora and General Zod – Wonder Woman gets plenty to do or say and this book never feels like simply a Superman title with Wonder Woman guest starring. And what’s more, is that despite the initial worry that this book would be too like Twilight but with the role filled by superheroes – Soule and Daniel are quickly shutting down that thought with one excellent issue after the next, making this a very good case to not only be the best Superman book on shelves, but also the best Wonder Woman title, and whether you’re a fan of the pairing or not – this series is a definite read for all those interested in reading more on two out of DC’s three premier superheroes. (The other, being of course Batman, but if you also want to read some Batman/Superman action than you can with Greg Pak’s title of the same name).

Wonder Woman is easily the most compelling character in the series. Soule has got a firm grasp for the character and he’s a more than worthy replacement for Azzarello on her own solo title. Diana’s interactions with Clark are very interesting to watch unfold – and the developing relationship between the two characters is written so well that even those readers who aren’t fans of the pairing will still enjoy it. The differences between both characters though are brought to the forefront in this issue and the book addresses their different personalities very well indeed, and whilst the book features multiple discussions between these two characters, Soule never once slows down the pace – with plenty of entertaining action sequences to keep fans entertained.

However, Tony S. Daniel should be highly praised as well for his contribution to this book – every page is stunning, and each issue he puts out is nothing short of spectacular; the cover in particular for Superman/Wonder Woman #6 looks visually amazing, with both Superman and Wonder Woman going head to head with Zod and Faora.

The book is not perfect though, and there are a few noticeable flaws in this latest issue of the ongoing series. With all the focus on Clark and Diana, Zod and Faora aren’t given enough time to be fleshed out properly and don’t feel as indomitable or imposing as they have done in the past, coming across as one dimensional villains as opposed to powerful, memorable and imposing villains that the pair should be portrayed as. But that’s pretty much the only thing where this issue takes a misstep; everything else manages to be an incredibly solid read.

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 in conclusion then is another stellar installment in an excellent series. Both Tony S. Daniel and Charles Soule are bringing their A-Game to the title and proving that this is a book that fans of both characters should be reading. Where it goes from here will be very interesting to watch unfold, and things should be very good indeed.


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