by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser

When it comes to comics by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, most readers know what to expect. These guys have proven themselves many times over, both together and separately. After selling out of The Fade Out‘s debut issue last month, this seedy Hollywood murder mystery continues. After the death of young actress Valeria Sommers, Charlie is left feeling uneasy knowing her murder is being covered up.

This issue deals with a lot of the aftermath after Valeria’s death. Brubaker has such a great knack for writing flawed characters that are still quite relatable. Charlie is no saint but he also seems to have a decent moral compass for a man in late 40’s Hollywood. Brubaker really piles trouble onto Charlie’s shoulders making the reader feeling just as overwhelmed as Charlie. It’s only the second issue and things aren’t looking bright for this movie shoot or Charlie.

Phillips’ art is always such an excellent pairing with Brubaker’s crime stories. The way he inks his pages makes the black areas stand out. He captures a classic noir tone with his gritty but realistic approach that best suits a great mystery. Elizabeth Breitweiser has also really stood out, coloring many of Brubaker and Phillips’ recent comics. She still uses her signature subdued palette but there are these subtle bright moments that still remind you’re in California.

The Fade Out is a fun new take on the period crime mystery by a couple of experts doing what they do best: making great stories. Its great watching The Fade Out story slowly take shape, just two issues in. Time to kick back and enjoy the ride, there is still plenty more to come.


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