by Eric Stephenson, Simon Gane, Jordie Bellaire & Fonografiks

Image Comics has to be the most versatile and diverse publisher currently in comics. Seems like every Wednesday they debut a new series. Readers get glimpses into all sorts of concepts through the writing and art talents of various creative teams. It becomes fun to just check out a series’ first issue. Image debuted the first issue of They’re Not Like Us this week, and this is one of those series that’s going to surprise a lot of readers.

It’s great to see writer (and president of Image Comics) Eric Stephenson doing another series after his underground sci-fi hit, Nowhere Men, went on hiatus. They’re Not Like Us is a more modern superpower series, no silly outfits and tight bodysuits here. Eric Stephenson finds a plausible explanation for a secret group of humans with various telekinetic powers. Stephenson even went so far as to conceive a realistic reason for each member to have a codename. Stephenson wrote one hell of a great first issue that didn’t feel too hefty of a read. They’re Not Like Us feels like such an obvious concept that is executed perfectly to hook readers into a series with just one issue.

What a fantastic art team They’re Not Like Us has onboard. This being my first time reading Simon Gane’s work in a comic, it was a pleasant surprise. Gane’s art style seems like something you would see in a slice-of-life style comic, which leads to that grounded feeling this book is aiming for. That contemporary vibe is only enhanced by Jordie Bellaire’s colors. She is such an expert when it comes to how she uses a palette. Bellaire is very subtle with her colors and doing so complements the story’s concept. Sometimes people take lettering for granted in comics, but every once in a while something will catch your eye out of nowhere. This is the case with what Fonografiks did with They’re Not Like Us. The narration boxes in particular really stood out in this issue, and there weren’t really that many.  This art team is the perfect pairing for designing the look of They’re Not Like Us.

They’re Not Like Us is the series you always wanted, but never knew it. A lot of creators have taken different approaches to bringing fresh ideas to super-powers and super-teams. However, with just one issue you can tell They’re Not Like Us is something special. This is a series that really does have something for everyone. I highly recommend everyone check this series out now at the beginning before you start hearing everyone else talking about it.



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