Armor Hunters: Harbinger kicked off yesterday to a fantastic start, but let’s take it back to the original series with a throwback review of Harbinger #2.

The Story

Things really start to heat up in this issue as Project Rising Spirit finds the location of Peter, Joe, and Kris. Joshua Dysart really knows these characters well and it shows.

The dialogue in this issue is fantastic and really keeps pace well with the action. Each character is already so well defined that every piece of dialog makes sense and has a different tone for each person. The panels with Peter losing his cool and decimating the Project Rising Spirit forces is deep and telling of his state of mind. He has been on the run for so long that he is ready to put his foot down and fight for some peace, and Dysart masterfully shows us that.

Harbinger has one of the more intricately detailed storylines and characters of any other Valiant books but it never seems like too much to handle. Dysart’s pacing and dialog is top-notch and is setting this book up to be one of the more action-packed and exciting books of the Valiant lineup.

The Art

Art duties for this issue are split between Lewis Larosa and Khari Evans and both artists do an equally great job. There are some great perspective shots which add to the cinematic feel of this book which really puts the reader right in the middle of the action, particularly as the Project Rising Spirits close in on Peter and crew. The close up shots are just as impressive though, and offers some of the most expressive facial expressions of any book I’ve seen so far, which extends even to Harada’s dog projection – truly breathtaking work.

Some of my favorite panels showcase the true extent of Peter’s powers and remind me of one of my favorite movies of all time – Akira. A+!


Harbinger #2 is every bit as good as the first issue. Many series take a few issues to get going, but this book has hit the ground running and never seems to stop. Joshua Dysart is building a world with characters like no other, who are too powerful for their own good, and yet frail and broken in various ways. The art is solid and detailed with some creative color work that really set this book apart. This is definitely a series you should be reading!

Harbinger #1

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