Throwback Review: Quantum and Woody #1

Valiant #1 issues are free on Comixology this month so we continue our Throwback Reviews series with Quantum and Woody #1.

The story

I am a big fan of the Priest and Bright run of Quantum and Woody, but James Asmus does a fantastic job updated the characters for modern readers in this first issue. We don’t get a whole lot of humor in this book – aside from some of the Woody panels – but there is definitely a great deal of work establishing much of what makes Quantum and Woody unique, and provides the character dynamics we’ll see in future issues.

There are quite a few flashback scenes in this book which may turn some readers off, but which provides good background information on Quantum and Woody’s current relationship, and the relationship with their father. All this will be important in future issues.

Even though this is a first issue, Asmus manages to tell a story which is much more than just another origin tale. While there is almost no action in this book, it is a great read.

The art

Tom Fowler absolutely nails the art in this book. His art style is very clean and crisp, but not overly realistic. While a cartoon art style would definitely not fit the rest of Valiant’s books, it is perfect for Quantum and Woody. This is mean to be a fun series and the art style definitely reflects that.

While Fowler’s pencils are perfect, it is Jordie Bellaire’s colors that really make this book stand out. Bellaire’s colors make it very easy to differentiate between the flashback and present this which provide so much information for the characters’ backstories. Even in the present parts of the stories, Bellaire’s work gives the book a slight retro feel reminiscent of older Quantum and Woody stories.


Quantum and Woody #1 gives Valiant fans another solid first issue to read. If you’re expecting a typical superhero book or origin story, you will be disappointed with this book, but if you want solid story and art, you will enjoy this first issue. Asmus and Fowler do a fantastic job at rebooting these Valiant characters and I can’t wait to read more.

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