Today, we continue our look at the best of 2014 with a look at some of the most beautiful and powerful covers of the year!

Amy’s Favorite Cover: Rai #1 by Trevor Hairsine.

What an incredibly hard choice. So much talent ranging from the photo realism of Mico Suayan and Lewis LaRosa to the unique signature styles of Riley Rossmo and Trevor Hairsine.

Honorable Mentions: Unity #5 by Mico Suayan, Harbinger #24 by Lewis LaRosa, Rai #5 by David Mack, Rai #5 by Mico Suayan, Doctor Mirage #1 SDCC variant by Travel Foreman, Bloodshot #22 by Riley Rossmo, Bloodshot #22 by Lewis LaRosa.

Martin’s Favorite Cover: Dr. Mirage #1 by Travel Foreman

There were so many terrific covers in 2014, it was a tough choice to make, but by far one of the most romantically beautiful yet haunting covers of the year is Travel Foreman’s cover for the Death Defying Dr. Mirage #1. There are certainly more detailed, realistic, and epic covers than this, but none as powerful and fitting as this one.

Honorable Mentions: X-O Manowar #26 by Clayton Crain, Rai #5 by Mico Suayan, Rai #2 by Raul Allen, Unity #4 by Riley Rossmo, Unity #5 by Mico Suayan

Paul’s Favorite Cover: Dr. Mirage #1 SDCC variant by Travel Foreman

The San Diego Comic Con variant is just so haunting and sad with the almost transparent ghost she’s trying to hold on to.

Honorable Mentions: Unity #4 variant by Riley Rossmo, Harbinger #23 by Micro Suayan

Scott’s Favorite Cover: Dr. Mirage #1 by Travel Foreman

My favorite Valiant covers are usually either Clayton Crain’s or the gag covers of Quantum of Woody and Archer & Armstrong; however, Travel Foreman’s cover for Dr. Mirage #1 is nothing short of iconic. It’s the kind of cover that’s bound to be remembered for decades.

Honorable Mentions: Unity #5 by Clayton Crain, Quantum and Woody #8 by Ming Doyle

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