By Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting & Elizabeth Breitweiser

It would seem that ARC-7 is onto Velvet Templeton’s trail after the small misstep she experienced last issue, while trying to both clear her name and solve this string of personal murders. Even though things didn’t go as planned for Ms. Templeton last issue, she still got a piece of useful information she uses this issue to move forward her own private investigation. This latest issue also showcases a staple you need in any classic espionage tale, the fancy costume ball.

Four issues into Velvet and each one has made for an entertaining read. Brubaker is doing a proficient job of displaying enough action and intrigue while both revealing questions and answers in every issue of Velvet. This style of writing Brubaker is doing in Velvet make every issue seem like an episode of a television show. Like any good episodic medium, Velvet satisfies your hunger for entertainment while still leaving you wanting more. The nice thing is that each issue of Velvet has been so fulfilling that it makes the wait for next month’s issue much more tolerable. The story behind Velvet has been well paced and flows marvellously from issue to issue.

The other reason it’s so easy to use the television show comparison, is because of how realistic Epting’s art looks. Every issue of Velvet looks so immaculately detailed that you feel like these are actors on a page. In particular the things he did with the costume party, let alone Velvet’s gown this issue just add so much subtle detail that make Velvet such an amazing story to read. Speaking of the costume ball, that scene also helps reinforce how remarkable Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors are for this series. She still keeps a subdued, almost neutral palette of colors that help set that 70’s vibe, yet she still adds brighter colors in when necessary without them being distracting. Velvet has an amazing art team that are perfectly paired for this period spy mystery.

Velvet is one of those series that just nails it every issue. Every month you look forward to reading Ms. Velvet Templeton’s adventures and this team of creators never disappoints. This is becoming a series like Saga, where you will go into every issue expecting quality storytelling and you can bet you’ll get it. Velvet is one of the series you really need to be reading, it’s a prime example of why people love comics.


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