By Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

The second half of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s All Out War storyline begins with The Walking Dead #121. What we get here is a slower issue of the members of the Community taking stock and mourning their loss after Negan put a beat down on them last month.

Kirkman gets his characters. Each and every one of them has their own voice and each and every one of them has a different relationship with one another. That’s what makes issues like #121 work. The character drama is just as good, if not better, than the fighting of humans and zombies alike.

Adlard offers up a solid issue here as well. At times some of the facial expressions don’t look quite as good as others, but some of the sadder scenes in the issue manage to strike a chord as usual. Adlard also delivers two great double page spreads in the issue.

All Out War is past the halfway point. Kirkman and Adlard are known for turning the series on it’s head just when the characters, and readers, begin to get comfortable. For all the slower moments in this issue, you can’t help but feel a larger impending doom on the horizon. With Kirkman and Adlard, it’s almost guaranteed.


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