By Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

I hope you caught your breath during this issue because if that ending is any indication, things are going to speed up pretty quick for the last four issues of All Out War. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard take issue #122 to get all their pieces into place for what is likely the final bout of the storyline, while revealing new bits of some of the characters.

Sometimes during The Walking Dead the pacing from issue to issue can feel a bit off. Kirkman has been nailing the pacing of this story right from the beginning. He knows when to ramp things up, when to slow things down, when to pull a character up by his bootstraps, and when to keep him suffering in the mud just a bit longer.

Issue #122 moved everyone in Rick’s army to the Hilltop and spent some time with a few characters we hadn’t seen in a while. Learning more about the still mysterious Jesus was great, and seeing Maggie come to terms with being the leader of the Hilltop is a great new direction for her character.

Adlard draws another good issue here as well. He has really been on the money during this storyline. The issues with a lot of action have been strong and well laid out, and the quieter issues like this one have been just as powerful.

All Out War is shaping up to be one of the best storylines The Walking Dead has seen in a while. Both creators are on the money right now as things head into the final descent. Something big is coming by the end of this storyline, I can feel it. Make sure you’re there for the ride.


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