Over the past few months I’ve regained a joy in reading comics I haven’t had in nearly 15 years. An enthusiasm for writers, artists, characters and a publisher which I hadn’t experienced since ultimately becoming jaded by crossover after crossover and storyline after storyline with little pay off or real repercussion for characters which I loved and which still hold a special place in my heart – the X-Men, the Avengers, and of course, Batman.

A few months back I decided to try something new and picked up the first issue of X-O Manowar on Comixology. I fell in love immediately and picked up every issue published since along with nearly every other issue of every other series Valiant Comics is putting out.

Along the way I’ve come across some great people who are just as enthralled by these books as I am which lead me to the idea for this site, Valiant Central. Here, I aim to bring everything Valiant related into a central location for other fans to enjoy in hopes that I can share just a little bit of the passion I have for this universe with the world.



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