As tremendous fans of Free Comic Book Day, 2000 AD and the legendary Norm Breyfogle (who is still on the road to recovery following his Dec 17th stroke), we at All-Comic were delighted to receive the following news from our friends at 2000 AD this morning:

An artist on 2000 AD’s Free Comic Book Day comic has donated part of his fee to the fund supporting Norm Breyfogle, who was due to make his Judge Dredd debut in the title.

Norm suffered a stroke in December last year, which left one of the industry’s most talented artists facing months of therapy and large medical bills.

Norm Breyfogle

Everyone at 2000 AD is delighted to hear reports that the former Batman artist is making headway in his recovery and his replacement on the strip, Mike Hawthorne, has arranged with 2000 AD to donate part of his fee to the fund set up to pay for Norm’s care and physical therapy.

Mike Hawthorne
Mike Hawthorne

Mike said: “Judge Dredd is a character I’ve long wanted to illustrated, so I was absolutely thrilled when 2000 AD offered it to me, but getting this job under these circumstances made the gig bitter sweet. This job, by all rights, should have been Norm’s. I felt immediately that, if I was to take this book, the only right thing to do was to share some of the pay with Norm. So, with the help of the folks at 2000 AD, I made a donation of one full page towards Norm’s medical fund. I only wish I could have given him more.”

“Free Comic Book Day is really about community, and being part of being in a community means helping out when someone is in need. I just want to do my part, and I hope that all the fans out there will continue to help Norm and his family as he continues to recover”

“I also hope Norm knows how many people are rooting for him, and are eager to see him back at work.”

The Free Comic Book Day issue of 2000 AD, featuring Judge Dredd: In Through the Out Door by Matt Smith and Mike Hawthorne, will be available from participating comic book stores worldwide on 2nd May. A free preview is available to view here.


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