By Martin Hayes and Chris Askham

“In a snowstorm, all soldiers look the same…like fresh meat.”

A lot can happen in fifty-one hours. A man with all the answers gets involved in a plane crash; good, he’s gone right? Can’t take that chance — so a group of soldiers set out into the icy winds of the Himalayas in search for the aircraft…but are they alone?

Writer Martin Hayes creates a suspenseful tale taking place in the bitter cold. Hasimoto, a possible double agent, has plenty of intel, but two sides want to know what it is– will either get their chance? Loaded with dialogue and grim soldiers Hayes crafts a big story, packed with horror elements and war references in Abominable Glory.

The artwork in this story is black and white, but honestly serves it pretty well considering the landscape. Artist Chris Askham takes on each panel with detail and plenty of gore…like a lot. When an unstoppable force comes between you and the enemy, the sides tend to blur a bit as a common foe becomes priority. Who is the common foe? If the title and cover image isn’t enough of a clue it’s…

A great scene by Askham kicks off the story and focuses on the initial plane crash. This is also where the story gets some of its most impressive detailing. As Hasimoto is on his way to be debriefed something goes wrong and the plane ends up heading down, unfortunately for everyone on board it heads down in a pretty problematic area, what with all the local wildlife and such. The plane crashes into the snow with a loud “KAFUMP” which just sounds devastating. But is everyone on board all right?

Hayes and Askham craft a story together filled with horror and suspense. There is something hidden in the caves of the Himalayas — but is it friendly?

Abominable Glory OGN cover

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