By Jeff Lemire, Butch Guice, David Baron

Bloodshot Reborn #6 kicks off a new arc titled “The Hunt”. This is an apt title considering multiple hunts are ongoing in the storyline. Bloodshot is hunting the rest of the nanites while FBI agents are hunting for him and the others infected. New readers should be able to pick up the title with this book and still easily get up-to-speed on the storyline. Writer Jeff Lemire accomplishes this without making the content seem redundant to established readers.

Like previous issues, the seriousness and somber tone of the story remain, but Lemire has woven some well-placed moments of levity into the narrative. It never feels forced, and the end result is better rounded characters. Readers may find themselves surprised several times by the “action” in the book. There’s plenty of action, but it’s not what you’d expect.

Much of the book is slow-boil tension, building upon the characters’ personalities and relationships. This is a welcome respite from the adrenaline rush of battle and will make the coming confrontations much more meaningful. Fans clamoring for more nanite chaos won’t be disappointed either, as Bloodshot encounters another infected person and makes a horrifying discovery. This story is never dull, even in moments of quiet observation. The final page is a revelation. Lemire is about to take us on a thrilling ride. Buckle up because this is going to be good.

Butch Guice takes over artistically, providing both pencils and inks. His style is well-suited to the story’s mature tone. Realistic and at times gritty, it lends authenticity to the story. Expressive characters and very natural movements (the tiptoes are a perfect example) make this shine. The effect is aided by the talents of David Baron, whose colors are always the proper tint or shade. He does not shy away from using bright colors despite the darkness of the subject matter, but uses them naturally to great effect. His coloring also creates a sense of time within the scenes, depicting the warmth of daylight, the glory of sunset, and the dimness of twilight. These creators are a winning duo on this book.

Bloodshot Reborn #6 is a savory appetizer for the upcoming feast. This is an excellent setup for what promises to be a true thriller. Don’t miss out on this great start of a new arc!


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