by Jacob Semahn, Jorge Corona, Gabriel Cassata & Steve Wands

With this final issue of Goners opening story, this series went out the same way it debuted, brutally intense. The Latimer family is on the edge of extinction and with that, dark forces are moments away from engulfing the world in blood. Things are not looking good and with just this last issue left to wrap up this arc, readers wonder how this will all pan out for Josiah and Zoe.

When it came to the storytelling in Goners, writer Jacob Semahn wasn’t interested in holding readers hands and walking them through this world. He delved right into the meat of this particular story that he wanted to tell. Because readers knew that this was billed as the story of how the Latimer family ended, readers had a general idea of what to expect out of the end of this story. However, Semahn still weaved the path to that ending masterfully and still reflected a sense of urgency and a glimmer of hope for the last two Latimer kids. Semahn delivers readers an ending that works as a climax of this story but may just be the beginning of something new.

Goners has artistically been one fantastic looking book. The team of Corona, Cassata, and Wands work seamlessly well together. There is always so much detail going on in every panel of Goners that it makes sense to have three people working on the art. Goners has always complimented the no-holds-barred story with its lively bombastic designs. Being the finale of this arc, these artists delivered an epic ending that could only befit such a intense series like Goners.

Image Comics can’t do wrong. By giving creators a space to tell their own stories gives readers an assorted variety of titles and genres to pick from. Sometimes it seems like a daunting task to try to keep up with every Image series. Goners may be one of those series that readers overlooked or judged it by its appearance. Yet, Goners isn’t a one note series, it has elements of every genre rolled into its narrative. Whether this is the end of the Latimer’s tale or just the start of a new series, this run of Goners was a whole lot of fun to read.


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